We make baby packs that contain good quality essential products that a mother would need to care for her child. These packs are wrapped in a clear packet and tied with a pretty ribbon. We drive around the streets and find the poverty stricken mother with the baby on her back and give her a pack that with help her with the essential needs for her child (warm, fed and clean).

When we drive through the township you see SO many mothers with babies. Babies are often just wrapped in a towel. Doing street drops we feel that our packs are getting directly to the “need”.

    1. Baby Blanket
    2. Box of Porridge
    3. Some Nappies
    4. Some Bum Cream
    5. Some Baby Powder
    6. Some Baby Soap
    7.  Some Vaseline
    8.  An Extra Little Gift i.e. spoon or rattle
      (packs may vary depending on what donations we get)

Here is a list of the essential products in our baby packs:

These packs contain the essentials a mother needs to look after her baby as well as condoms and HIV education in Xhosa.
Thank you to ALL that made these beautiful packs, we cannot explain how grateful these ladies are to receive them!

Please see our Wishlist for more on our baby packs.

Midwinter Chills

Toy Drops in the streets of Dunoon are amongst our favourites but seeing these little children in shorts and t-shirts is not fun! Especially in this FREEZING cold weather!