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Welcome To Little Lambs - Here is our story...

We started Little Lambs after seeing first hand the extreme poverty and suffering that is experienced in a Township around the corner from us. Everyday people are diagnosed with HIV and TB. This means that most of the children and babies we deal with are either infected or affected with HIV and TB or orphaned due to the parents dying of the AIDS virus. Some of these children have been abused, abandoned or raped!

As mothers ourselves, we feel we cannot turn a blind eye and ignore the situation and want to help wherever we can. We decided that it would be a good idea to visit a township close to our home, and see where we could assist. We headed off to Du Noon & never expected to see such a desperate and heartbreaking situation. Du Noon is one of the poorest townships in the Western Cape with a population of 52,000 people.

Little Lambs is involved with a number of projects which you can find more information on here. or by clicking the "Projects" tab at the top.

We strive to make small differences in children's lives, little things that mean nothing to us BUT to a child make the world of difference. Any monetary donations as well as food/clothes/gifts/books/toys, are used for the sole purpose and benefit of the children in Du Noon. We are in constant need of foodstuffs & toiletries to care for the babies & children, and are always willing to collect.

We believe strong communities benefit everyone.

Little Lambs is committed to reduce child poverty, reduce chronic hunger and to develop hope in the hearts of children in our midst.

Latest Little Lambs News

April 2nd 2014

Thanks to the funds from our annual fundraiser, Little Lambs was able to give 1,500 children in Dunoon Primary their very own pencil bags filled with stationary! They were SO grateful.

March 26th 2014

We finished our delivery of 47 plastic motorbikes to the Disabled Centre today. They love them!

March 10th 2014

Our latest newsletter is now available for download HERE

January 1st 2014

We would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!!! Best wishes to all for 2014!!!

December 25th 2013

We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!!!